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Aberystwyth District Amateur Swimming Club is a competitive Club based at Plascrug Leisure Centre. The club was founded in 1977 and is simply called 'ADASC'.

Our primary aim is to promote competitive swimming as the sport of choice for children and young adults from age 7 onwards.  ADASC, in partnership with 'Ceredigion Actif', conduct a development pathway that will introduce swimmers into competitive swimming. 

The training provided by the club complements Plascrug Leisure Centre's learn to swim programme and takes swimmers beyond Stage 7 of the National Teaching Plan , progressing swimmers through the key skills required for competitive swimming.

The Club is aimed around Long Term Development of all the swimmers within the program. We focus on the development of the swimmers' technical ability in a fun swimming environment.

If you're interested in joining the club please have a look at the 'become a member' page which should have all the info you need.







Amman Valley Open Meet 7 May 2017

This is a combined Level 2 & Junior Development Level 3 Licensed Meet.


25 ADASC  members travelled to Carmarthen to take part and a special mention goes to those taking part in their first ever swim meet – Daniel Dotchon & Ethan Tourle. The other swimmers who attended were – Jude Coleridge, Alaw Davies, Cari Davies, Lili Davies, Elinor Evans, Lila Evans, Aimee Gorman, Joseph Gorman, Seren Griffiths, Emma Jones, Katie Jones, Charlie JonesLewis, Elliot Lewis, Jacob Massey, Elen Morgan, Chloe Perry, Sami Prysor, James Raw, Olivia Scarrott, Tirion Sherman-Higgs, Finlay Thapa, Freya Thapa & Daniel Warrender.


Those who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the day were – Jude Coleridge 3rd place in both 100 Fly (1:25.22 knocking a fantastic 11.2 seconds off his pb) and 200 Individal Medley (IM) in 2:51.12. Cari Davies took 3rd place in the 100 Free in a time of 1:07.43 and her sister Lili was 2nd in the 50 Breast in 44.65. Lila Evans came away with two 3rd places 100 IM (1:24.63) & 50 Back (37.37) and a 1st in the 50 free in a fantastic time of 32.44. Joseph Gorman took 3rd place in 3 races – 100 Back (1:21.69), 100 Free (1:11.49) and 100 Fly (1:28.38) and 2nd in the grueling 400 IM (6:14.48). Charlie Jones-Lewis was 3rd in the 50 Fly in a time of 44.23 and Elen Morgan also came 3rd in the 100 Fly (1:33.85). Sami Prysor took 2nd place in both the 50 Fly in a fantastic time of 41.18 and the 50 Free (36.54). James Raw was 3rd in both the 100 Back (1:30.29) and 100 Free (1:20.79) and came 2nd in the 100 Fly in a time of 1:51.45. A sprint finish at the end gave Finlay Thapa 3rd place in the 50 Free (37.82). Freya Thapa was 3 rd in both the 50 Breast (45.43) and 200 IM (3:04.18), 2nd in the 100 IM (1:27.04) and the 100 Free (1:14.02) and also came away with 1st place in the 50 Free (33.94).


There were some fantastic personal bests! Well done Team ADASC!

West Wales Region - 'No Time' Gala 9th April 2017

This is a Level 3 Licensed Meet. This gala is designed for swimmers who have yet to record times in the events present in the programme. Only swimmers who currently have “No Time” in an event are eligible for entry into that event.


19 ADASC members made the trip to Carmarthen to take part and a special mention goes to those taking part in their first ever swim gala – Daniel Clifton-Brown, Aaron Jones, Noa Jones, Alis Mabbutt, Elan Mabbutt, Ioan Mabbutt & Daniel Warrender. The other swimmers who attended were – Megan Dark, Elinor Evans, Lila Evans, Aimee Gorman, Joseph Gorman, Elliot Lewis, Chloe Perry, Aidan Roberts, Louis Roberts, Olivia Scarrot, Tirion Sherman Higgs & Finlay Thapa.


Those who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the day were – Daniel Clifton-Brown 3rd in 50 Free with a time of 43.84, Megan Dark 3rd in 100 Breast in 1:59.78, Lila Evans 2nd in the gruelling 200 Fly in a time of 3:53.12, and Joseph Gorman also swam the 200 Fly and took 1st place in a fantastic time of 3:06.77. Noa Jones took 1st in both 50 Free (52.12) and 50 Back (1:02.75). Elliot Lewis placed 3rd in the 50 Fly in a time of 59.53 and in the 100 Free (1:50.18).


A haul of places went to both Ioan Mabbutt – 2nd 50 Free (42.58), and 50 Breast (1:01.14) and 1st in the 50 Back in a time of 51.98 and Aidan Roberts with four 1 st places in 50 Fly (46.54), 100 Back (1:37.29), 200 Back (3:26.36) and 200 IM (3:29.45) he also came 2nd in the 100 Fly in a time of 1:52.68. Louis Roberts, Tirion Sherman Higgs & Finlay Thapa also came away with some great times. Louis – 2 nd in both 200 Breast & 200 IM in 4:23.15 and 4:06.27 respectively. Tirion 1st in the 200 Free (3:11.02) and 3 rd in the 200 IM in a time of 3:42.36. Finlay took 1 st place in the 200 Free in a time of 3:09.36.


Well done to all swimmers, there were some fantastic PBs and you did the club proud! Keep up the good work.

Tiger Bay Open Meet 18th & 19th March 2017

This is a Level 3 Licensed Meet to enable athletes to achieve times suitable for entry into Regional, County Championships & Level 1 Meets. 15 ADASC members made the trip to Cardiff to take part.


This meet has upper cut off times and so anyone swimming faster than this time will receive a speeding ticket, meaning they can now expect to be able to swim in higher level meets.


Swimmers who attended – Alaw Davies, Lila Evans, Aimee Gorman, Joseph Gorman, Emma Jones, Katie Jones, Elen Morgan, Cameron Phillips, James Raw, Louis Roberts, Tirion Sherman Higgs, Finlay Thapa, Freya Thapa, Sioned Wallwork & Lily-May Welsby. Well done to all swimmers, there were some fantastic PBs.


Medals and speeding tickets went to – Lila Evans: Gold in 50 free with a time of 34.32 and a speeding ticket in the 50 back 39.18. James Raw: speeding ticket in the 50 free in a time of 35.50. Louis Roberts: Gold in the 200 IM 3:46.98 and Bronze in the 100 breast 2:01.91. Finlay Thapa: Silver in the 200 free in a time of 3:23.28 and a speeding ticket in the 50 free 39.28. Lily-May Welsby: Gold in the 100 free in a time of 1:31.60 and a speeding ticket in the 50 breast 51.55. Special mention goes to Cameron Phillips who was awarded Top Boy by City of Cardiff Swimming Club his haul of medals included – 2 Golds in 50 breast and 50 back, 4 Silver medals in 200 fly, 100 free, 200 free and 200 IM, 1 bronze in 100 breast and a speeding ticket in 50 free in a fantastic time of 27.81. Well done Cameron!

New Year Pentathlon – Saturday 14th January 2017


Despite Friday’s electrical fire and the threat of severe weather, the New Year Pentathlon went ahead as planned at the Wales National Pool Swansea on Saturday 14th January. A team of 11 ADASC members made the trip south, and they all put in a fantastic effort for this tough event 100m in each of the strokes followed by a 200m IM. For several of the swimmers, this was their first long course experience, but after first warm up they all seemed very relaxed!

First up was the event that most were nervous of; the 100m Fly! Despite the worry, there were some impressive times. Tirion, Elen and Aimee recorded their first LC times, finishing in 2:01.00, 1:48.01 and 2:03.92 respectively. Leanna gained the best PB out of the girls, finishing in 1:21.52. For the boys, both Finlay (2:36.19) and Aidan (1:54.01) finished 5th in their age groups.

For the 100m Backstroke Tirion swam a good PB (1:49.96). Elen finished 14th in the competitive 12 year old age group, with a time of 1:36.40 well below her previous best time. Leanna finished a creditable 4th (1:21.15), while Aidan swam 1:38.28, handing him 5th place. Joseph just missed out on a PB but his 1:26.76 gave him 2nd place.

The second session began with 100m Breaststroke. Lila and Freya lined up 2 lanes apart in the same heat and had an excellent battle throughout. Lila just edged it in 1:39.14, 2nd place overall, with Freya close behind in 3rd with 1:39.72. The battle of the sisters continued, with Leanna and Selena in lanes 1 and 2 of the same heat. This time Selena came out on top finishing in 1:43.16, giving her 6th place overall. Louis and Finlay posted their first times for this distance, Louis finishing 8th in 2:02.80. Aidan knocked half a minute off his PB with 1:57.79.

In the 100m Freestyle both Tirion (1:32.75) and Aimee (1:30.41) registered excellent PBs, finishing 13th and 16th in age group respectively. Freya came 4th in 1:16.76, Lila 10th in 1:19.82 and Elen 12th in 1:21.15, another good PB. Leanna came 3rd with a PB of 1:13.66 and Selena 5th in 1:14.02. Aidan and Louis lined up alongside each other with Aidan finishing 6th in 1:24.33, and Louis posting 1:38.26 both excellent PBs. Finlay smashed his previous best time and finished 4th overall with an excellent 1:27.32. Joseph finished in 1:12.57, again taking 2nd place.

The tired swimmers had a short break before warm up for the final session, with just the gruelling 200m IM to go! There were PBs galore for the girls, and particularly impressive was Elen who took more than half a minute off her previous best time, posting 3:26.56. Freya (3:17.38) touched just ahead of Lila (3:17.91) in this event, both times PBs. Selena finished 8th in 3:12.97. Louis came 5th in 4:00.68 and Aidan 6th in 3:30.48. Joseph finished 2nd with a time of 3:06.29.

There were plenty of excellent performances by the ADASC swimmers throughout the day in a very competitive meet, and thankfully there were not many DQs. The final Pentathlon standings were: Tirion 15th (Girls 10), Aimee 18th (Girls 11), Lila 9th, Freya 10th and Elen 13th (all girls 12), Selena 7th and Leanna 13th (Girls 14), Louis 6th and Finlay 9th (Boys 10), Aidan 6th (Boys 12) and Joseph 1st (Boys 13). Well done Joseph, and well done to all for putting in such a brilliant effort!