Aberystwyth District Amateur Swimming Club is a competitive Club based at Plascrug Leisure Centre. The club was founded in 1977 and is simply called 'ADASC'.

Our primary aim is to promote competitive swimming as the sport of choice for children and young adults from age 7 onwards.  ADASC, in partnership with 'Ceredigion Actif', conduct a development pathway that will introduce swimmers into competitive swimming. 

The training provided by the club complements Plascrug Leisure Centre's learn to swim programme and takes swimmers beyond Stage 7 of the National Teaching Plan , progressing swimmers through the key skills required for competitive swimming.

The Club is aimed around Long Term Development of all the swimmers within the program. We focus on the development of the swimmers' technical ability in a fun swimming environment.

If you're interested in joining the club please have a look at the 'become a member' page which should have all the info you need.