ADASC is affiliated with the national swimming body Swim Wales. ADASC abides by the constitution set by Swim Wales together with all the policies and procedures that have been developed for the safety and enjoyment of swimmers and spectators across Wales.

Here is a link to the Swim Wales website and their key documents: 


ADASC  adheres to the Swim Wales Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures which were launched by Swim Wales at their annual conference in 2017.


Given the high profile nature of bullying and the negative effect this can have on an individual it is essential that club officials take decisive action as and when issues become known.

Bullying of a physical and emotional nature will not be tolerated within ADASC and the appropriate measures developed by the Club in line with Swim Wales guidance will be promptly applied,


In order to maintain the highest possible standards of good behavior, the Club expects both its swimmers and their supporters to abide by a series of rules.

The Swimmers code of conduct can be found here.

The Spectators code of conduct can be found here.


In line with the new regulations regarding the protection of personal data ADASC has adopted the Swim Wales GDPR Policy.

For any queries regarding the application of GDPR please contact the clubs Secretary who will get back to you in an appropriate and timely manner.